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All of Ashley’s keynotes are fully tailored in alignment with the event’s theme and audience profile. In order to get the most actionable insights for your occasion, Ashley’s team will arrange a briefing phone call prior to any speaking engagement to learn more about your request. See below for more information on the process.

・ We will arrange a call to get a brief about the event, audience, and keynote outcome.
・ We will then submit a proposed title and outline of the keynote based on our discussion.
・You can then share any feedback or necessary adjustments with us.

・ We get the final confirmation of the outline and sign relevant agreements.
・ We will start preparation on the materials at least 4 weeks before the event.
・If the presentation is a virtual presentation, we will be happy to test the communication link/connection with you on or before the day of delivery.

・ Ashley comes in early and starts her sessions with some high energy music that energizes the audience.
・ Ashley delivers the dynamic and action-oriented keynote to the audience. Any books or relevant material can be distributed after the session.
・ We will then share the video recording and materials with you for your internal use within 24 hours after the event.

Most requested topics

Ashley consistently provides high-impact,
actionable material for businesses around the world.
Here are some of the requested themes and topics she gets most often:







  • Modern Chinese consumers: what do they want and how to sell it to them
  • Building seamless consumer journey, implementing social+ models and effective CRM loyalty programs
  • What can we learn from China’s top social media platforms: lessons to global marketers from WeChat, Weibo and Douyin
  • China’s luxury boom and what the opportunities are there for brands
  • What does the future of retail look like: New Retail ecosystems, virtual influencers and seamless OMO journey
  • How China’s tech giants (Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent) are shaping the future of global commerce
  • Live Streaming E-Commerce: how to start live-streaming for your brand and attract consumers based on China’s examples
  • China’s metawave and Web3 marketing: marketing and selling in the age of XR, metaverse and virtual humans
  • A look into the booming technology sector in China: retail tech, AI, VR, IoT and more
  • How Chinese tech ecosystems (Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, Bytedance) are driving business transformation and what we can learn from them
  • How Chinese tech giants support the development of smart cities and village digitization, and what we can learn from it
  • China’s Digital Transformation and business lessons to learn: leap over the competition by learning from the world’s most competitive business market. China’s living in the future, don’t get left behind.

Speaker events and audiences are considered when crafting each of Ashley’s keynotes so that each of her sessions are tailored. We keep our keynotes up to date with the rapid developments in China. We never deliver the same presentation twice.

"Ashley has made understanding the China digital landscape and transformation path simple and clear in her talk. Topline dissection of each medium & how to plan campaigns were highly useful. Extensive knowledge delivered in such an energetic way."
Gillian Wu
“I was inspired and impressed by Ashley’s keynote on the potential and opportunities in the China market. I thought I knew a lot about the market but Ashley shared more things that I never knew.”
Felicia Yeo
“Awesome workshop! Resourceful and useful insights from Ashley. Learned a lot that would benefit my work. Useful ideas and recommendations – definitely going to share with my China team!"
Assistant Manager Digital Marketing
Scholastic Asia

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    Ashley and the team work at China speed. Ashley and her team are not a one-woman-band and work with structure, with team support and fully tailored to you. Ashley always delivers what the client asks for and often gets rated as a top speaker.

    The standard fee for a keynote delivery is 24,000 USD for keynotes presented locally in Hong Kong or virtually.The fees for keynotes presented within the Asian region (up to 4 hours flight) are 1.5 times the standard rate. When longer travel is required to places like Europe, the USA and other locations (5 hours flight and up) the fees are 2 times the standard fee. This rate is net and includes the flights. It does not include local transfers and hotel fees though, that organizer needs to cover.

    50% after signing the relevant paperwork and booking Ashley’s calendar and 50% 30 days before the day of the event. Before Ashley’s team gets a deposit, you will not have the green light to publish ads or promotion promising Ashley’s participation.

    The deposit needs to be paid to officially book a date in Ashley’s calendar and that’s the initial 50% and non refundable. If the cancellation is within 30 days or less of the event, fees are 100% non refundable. This being said, Ashley’s team can typically move the canceled event to a mutually agreed later time within the same calendar year.

    Video recordings of Ashley’s speaking are limited to exciting audiences and are for internal use only. A licensing fee must be paid if the video recording is used for a new audience or selling to other users. 


    If clips of the video are being used to promote the next event, the material must be shared to Ashley’s team beforehand for approval.


    If a video of the event is shot, a copy of the video must be shared to Ashley and the team within a week. Ashley and team must need to approve the final video before it gets anywhere.

    Ashley is typically booked by professional agencies and speaker bureaus. She’s also frequently invited by event organizers and global event planners to join marketing, digitalisation, Web3, tourism and leadership themed events. Lastly, Ashley is often booked directly by the multinationals, such as Shiseido Group, J&J, Coca Cola, Alibaba, 3M, Disney, among others.