Ashley Dudarenok

・renowned China digital expert
・book author
・Chinese serial entrepreneur

With a decade and a half of marketing experience in China, the world’s largest and most digitized market.

“Ashley’s talk on New Retail in China was actionable, engaging and a great highlight of the conference. Ashley is knowledgeable, professional and an excellent speaker. We were happy to work with her and will collaborate further in the future.”
Matt Haldane
SCMP Abacus
“Ashley is a lively speaker and a true professional who shares experience and insights beyond obvious. Her keynote gave us valuable insights into Chinese digital space and how we can learn from it.”
Mia Lu
National University of Singapore
“Ashley is a bona fide China professional with an international perspective. She presents the big picture, while remaining down to earth. The training was packed with practical tactics and cases. Loved it!”
Bianca Un
Hang Lung Property

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Most requested topics

Ashley delivers high impact, action oriented content for global businesses.
Her most frequently requested themes and topics are as follows:

  • Modern Chinese consumers: what do they want and how to sell it to them
  • Building seamless consumer journey, implementing social+ models and effective CRM loyalty programs
  • What can we learn from China’s top social media platforms: lessons to global marketers from WeChat, Weibo and Douyin
  • China’s luxury boom and what the opportunities are there for brands
  • What does the future of retail look like: New Retail ecosystems, virtual influencers and seamless OMO journey
  • How China’s tech giants (Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent) are shaping the future of global commerce
  • Live Streaming E-Commerce: how to start live-streaming for your brand and attract consumers based on China’s examples
  • China’s metawave and Web3 marketing: marketing and selling in the age of XR, metaverse and virtual humans
  • A look into the booming technology sector in China: retail tech, AI, VR, IoT and more
  • How Chinese tech ecosystems (Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, Bytedance) are driving business transformation and what we can learn from them
  • How Chinese tech giants support the development of smart cities and village digitization, and what we can learn from it
  • China’s Digital Transformation and business lessons to learn: leap over the competition by learning from the world’s most competitive business market. China’s living in the future, don’t get left behind.

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Ashley is the Founder of ChoZan, a China-focused digital consultancy and Alarice, a Chinese digital marketing agency. She is also the author of 3 international Amazon bestsellers and 7 mini books on Digital China. Ashley’s also an accomplished naturalized Chinese entrepreneur and blogger herself with a presence in China’s digital market scene since the early 2000s.

A proficient China digital and marketing consultant, Ashley has delivered tailored and high impact keynote speeches at over 300 events all across the globe since 2016.


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“Ashley is an awesome expert on China digital and such a passionate speaker and leader. I love how enthusiastic she is whenever she gives a speech, and her knowledge of the China market is amazing! She is such an inspiration, empowering business leaders to see China differently and learn from it.”
Jessica Ye Trainot
Mulberry House
“Ashley is our highest rated speaker by far, and we run hundreds of events a year.”
Jack Lee
“Ashley has an ability to inspire others to achieve their goals and better understand the marketing and digital atmosphere in China. Her positive energy and storytelling style are inspiring. You will never be the same again after her talk.”
Geza Kogler
HNA Aviation and Tourism Group

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Over the course of her professional speaking career, Ashley has spoken at in excess of 300 events for various audiences, businesses and industries. While many of her clients are conferences and event organizers, most are corporate clients, such as Coca Cola, Huawei, Disneyland, Alibaba, BMW and many others.

Ashley’s most frequently requested themes are Customer Centricity, The Future of Retail and Learning from China. Ashley covers topics ranging from building seamless consumer journeys, implementing social+ models and effective CRM loyalty programs to China’s metawave and Web3 marketing.


In addition to that, she speaks on topics such as entrepreneurship and thought leadership, which help inspire current and future leaders.

Of course! Entrepreneurship and women empowerment are topics very close to Ashley’s heart.  As an Asian entrepreneur herself, she has successfully built her company from scratch, so Ashley understands a professional woman’s journey particularly well. 


Check out Ashley’s TEDx on the topic here. She talked about what soviet female icons and Chinese shoe sellers had taught her. Ashley is frequently invited to deliver talks for March 8th International Women’s Day corporate conferences. 

Ashley delivers keynotes clearly with passion and high energy. Many have commented on how infectious Ashley’s pumped-up energy is. She also gives her talks in a very structured way that is easily understandable and can be applied right away.


Ashley gamifies her keynotes to keep it fresh and fun. Our tried and tested format is Learn, Play and Apply. Ashley and her team believe that people learn better through games. This is done through interactable questions, online and offline competitions and many more. Ashley rewards the audience’s participation and active learning with gifts.

After Ashley’s sessions, the audience feels differently, thinks differently and does things differently. Her keynotes are actionable and Ashley loves seeing client results generated after the session, applying her insights to their work.

Ashley’s keynotes preparation goes through 3 phases: briefing and proposal, materials preparation and then finally, delivery. 


After initial contact, Ashley’s team arranges a call to get a brief about the event, audience, and keynote outcome. They then submit a proposed title and outline of the keynote based on our discussion. You can then share any feedback or necessary adjustments with them.


When Ashley’s team gets the final confirmation of the outline and relevant paperwork is signed, they start preparation on the materials at least 4 weeks before the event. If the presentation is a virtual presentation, Ashley’s team will be happy to test the communication link/connection with you on or before the day of delivery.


On the delivery day, Ashley comes in early and starts her sessions with some high energy music that invigorates the audience. She delivers the dynamic and action-oriented keynote to the audience. Any books or relevant material can be distributed after the session.


Ashley’s team then shares the video recording and materials with you for your internal use within 24 hours after the event, if the recording is done on their end. Should there be any questions from the audience on the materials, Ashley’s team can share decks, comments or any related material within 2 weeks after the event.

No, Ashley is not a political commentator. Her area of expertise is China’s digital space. She covers 3 main themes: customer centricity, the future of retail and learning from China. If in doubt, do reach out to clarify.

Ashley is a Chinese entrepreneur and thought leader who has been active in China’s digital industry since the 2000s. She has her hands on the pulse and skin in the game. 


She is the founder of ChoZan, a digital consultancy focused on China, and Alarice, a Chinese digital marketing agency.  Besides, Ashley has been a professional speaker since 2016, delivering impactful keynotes worldwide.

  1. Book a call with Ashley’s team so they can better align on what the requested topic is and time based on Ashley’s availability. 
  2. After the paperwork, payment and Ashley’s schedule are settled, you can start publicizing the event featuring Ashley’s appearance.
  3. When the second payment (50%) is received, preparation for the event materials begins at least one month in advance.

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Ashley is the author of 3 international Amazon bestsellers that focus on understanding the modern Chinese consumers, how to win with influencer marketing in China and what the future of retail looks like through the lens of China’s new retail ecosystems.


New Retail Born in China Going Global: How Chinese Tech Giants are Changing Global Commerce gives readers a behind the scenes look at how China’s big tech and a growing number of inventive brands, merchants, and digital pioneers have sparked a retail revolution and charted the future of retail and consumption.


Digital China: Working with Bloggers, Influencers And KOLs is the second book in Ashley’s series that guides you through China’s digital space. China is one of the most attractive markets in the world and collaborating with bloggers, KOLs and influencers is essential if you want to find a place in the consumer’s heart. 


Unlocking the World’s Largest E-Market: A Guide to Selling on Chinese Social Media is the book you need if you want to expand your business to the world’s largest e-market. You’ll also learn how supercomputing, blockchain, and AI are helping tech innovation go East and how Chinese firms are making global advances.


Ashley has also published 7 mini mini-books that are a part of her Digital China mini-book series. 



Ashley also writes for media such as Jing Daily, Dao Insights, TechNode and others. She regularly contributes her expert opinions to SCMP, Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC and many others.