Writing WeChat Article Headlines – Ashley Talks 43


Today we talk about WeChat article headlines. Learn how to capture your audience’s interest in China and get more article hits. Remember to always start with amazing content!
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Before we start talking about what kind of content you should write, it’s necessary to understand that WeChat users are fast and “lazy”. If the headline is not appealing or creative enough, they’re very likely to ignore the newly published article that you put a lot of time and effort into.

Headlines give people the first impression of your article. Putting more effort into brainstorming a great headline makes your article stand out. That’s how you can do it.

1. Stimulate interest with a question

Question headlines are powerful as long as you avoid Yes/No questions. When used properly, they create an almost irresistible draw for prospective readers and become a compelling promise to the reader that they’re about to discover something they didn’t know before, if only they keep reading.

2. Make an audacious promise

Promising to deliver something valuable is a great way to attract reader interest. For example, articles like “Unlock a History  Mystery”, “Get your Perfect Office Makeup Look in 5 Minutes”, etc. The title should be seductive but shouldn’t over-promise, otherwise, readers will lose trust.

3. Relate your article to trending topics

Writing about a hot topic is an effective tactic to encourage readers to click your article. Since the competition among official WeChat accounts has become increasingly fierce, it’s crucial for marketers to take note of popular topics and relate them to your brand or products when possible.

4. Make it urgent

A warning headline provokes readers and piques their interest. Words like “No”, “Without” and “Stop” are powerful motivators if they’re used correctly.

5. Be specific

Use detailed, creative and interesting adjectives. Don’t be plain. Including numbers in your headlines makes them seem more researched and accurate. When people scan headlines, adjectives and numbers may determine whether they read the article or not.

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