What’s Push Content on WeChat – Ashley Talks 41

In today’s post, I’m talking about push content on WeChat, such as WeChat articles, text, images, audio and video.

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The success of your account is determined primarily by its content and its ability to win the hearts of your customers. A well-designed official WeChat account with valuable content stands out from the crowd and connects with an audience. Messages and articles that are sent to the audience are the primary way that brands share information and communicate with followers on WeChat.

For service accounts, messages appear directly on a user’s chat page and they receive notifications. For subscription accounts, these appear in their “Subscription” folder on their WeChat chat list page. If users want to read push content from a subscription account that they follow, they need to click on the “Subscription” folder.

In the subscription folder, all the accounts the user subscribes to are displayed according to their latest update time. Users must click the account to further check articles and messages. Unlike messages from friends, contacts and service accounts, users do not receive a notification when a subscription account sends messages. A red dot with the number of unread posts is displayed in the top right corner of the account’s avatar.

There are five types of push content available on WeChat:

  • WeChat articles
  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video

WeChat articles are the primary and most sophisticated type of push content. They can include text, images, audio, and video and can be seen as simple web pages. Most importantly, WeChat articles are the only content type that allows followers to share them on their Moments page and other external platforms, like Tencent QQ, Qzone, Microsoft OneNote and EverNote.

Even if users are not followers of your account, they can still read your articles via this cross-platform sharing. If they read it through WeChat sharing, they can still repost it on their Moments page. Therefore, WeChat articles are great tools for marketers to create buzz.

In the case of text, images, audio, and videos, only account followers can receive these and, if they come from service accounts, they appear like ordinary messages in the user’s message box.

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