What Is Weibo? – Ashley Talks 15

Today I’ll talk about Weibo, China’s second largest social media platform for marketing. Check out more in the video below!

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“Weibo” is the Chinese word for “microblog”. Like Twitter, users can publish posts with a 140-character limit. Images, videos and external links can also be uploaded with text. Users can write and share posts, add comments, create polls, follow local trends and more.

Games, third-party apps and e-purchasing ports are also available on Weibo although they are not used as often as posts. Users can post messages, discuss “hot topics” and build their own communities. In addition to regular users, celebrities, companies, brands, media and government bodies also have a Weibo presence.

Weibo is an efficient communication channel for both individuals and corporates. For individuals, it may be used as a social platform where users can update their friends and followers by sharing pictures, videos and memories. For corporates, in addition to social networking, it may be used as a commercial platform and marketing tool with the capacity to direct sales.

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