Weibo Posting Strategy – Ashley Talks 27

In this video I talk about Weibo posting frequency and language style. After starting your Weibo account, how often should you post and what tone should you use?

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Posting frequency:
Weibo is characterized by information overload. The flow on Weibo is so rapid that users can’t see your posts unless you post regularly. A post per day is a common practice on Weibo for active accounts. Larger brands, IKEA for example, have a higher posting frequency of 3-5 times a day. Many popular bloggers even broadcast to their audience every few hours.
For those who have just started their Weibo account, two or three posts per day is highly recommended. You may decide to lower the frequency later but make sure that your account is still updated on a regular basis in order to keep your followers engaged.

Language style:
The type of language you use must match your brand image and consistency is key. If you’re unsure about style, we recommend an informal yet professional tone. It’s also a good idea to select a nickname for your account to make it more human. A good nickname makes the brand more personal and follower-friendly and helps to build the brand’s reputation.

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