Weibo Customisation – Ashley Talks 28

In this video I talk about the 4 major visuals you can customise on your brand’s Weibo page.

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After registering and verifying your account you can customize your Weibo page. You can do this by choosing the background image, cover image, featured image as well as adding brand-related information on your account home page.
1. Profile Picture
When uploading a profile picture or logo, you need to ensure that it complies with Weibo’s recommendations (100×100 pixels, 50×50 pixels, 30×30 pixels). The profile picture will be displayed as a circle so use centred images and allow for cropped corners.
2. Cover Image
Only Weibo members and verified official accounts can customise their cover image free of charge. The cover image is displayed behind the profile picture, account name, profile, follow button and message button.
The cover image can use images, colors, patterns or styles to represent your company.
3. Background Image
Background images can be tiled or locked, aligned to the left, right or center over a custom background color. The posts and sidebar will scroll over the background image at a width of 920 pixels. When including additional information or text in the background margins keep it close to the center stream to account for smaller screen sizes.
4. Banners
Your official account can feature up to 6 banner images with hyperlinks, which can direct users to different Weibo articles, campaign pages, coupon redemption pages or external webpages.

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