Weibo Content Types – Ashley Talks 32

Hi Guys ! Today I’m going to talk about Weibo content types.

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Regardless of the types of account you are managing, your content can be divided into the following 3 major categories and you should also try to find the balance between them.

Generating Traffic

Establishing Your Expertise

Driving Sales

1. Generating Traffic

Most organic users will visit your account when they see friends’ repost from your account. Therefore, it’s extremely important to create unique, shareable tweets that add character to your profile. These posts need to match the interests of your account’s followers while also attracting attention from other Weibo users. You can write and develop your own content or hire an agency that specializes in content creation. As previously mentioned, Weibo is a content-heavy platform and users are constantly seeking something new and interesting. Some accounts will transfer content from other social media platforms to their Weibo, and occasionally these posts might generate lots of traffic or even go viral. Meanwhile, brands should also create original content to build their unique brand image. The following are some categories of content that often generate traffic.
A) Practical tips
B) Humorous posts
C) Hot topics
D) Interactive Posts
E) Quotes

2. Establishing Your Expertise

This type of content is aimed at establishing and enhancing your expert status. You need to tell followers important information about your industry or company and explain why your products are better than others. You need to prove that you’re a true master in your field. The following post types do this well.
A)  Posts that explain why your product is better than the alternatives
B)  Posts that persuade people that they need your product
C)  Posts that show that you are a true professional

3. Driving Sales

Your Weibo page is not your direct sales channel but it may be used to promote sales of your products and services. We recommend that no more than 1 out of 5 posts be dedicated to direct sales but this percentage can be adjusted according to your industry. Sometimes, you can also incorporate sales-driven content in other types of posts. For sales-driven content, apart from promoting your existing products, you can also organize a new product launch or give special offers to followers.

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