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In this video I’ll talk about Weibo campaigns, including system campaigns and creative campaigns.

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Online campaigns help brands increase their exposure and raise awareness. It’s quite an effective way to interact with current followers and attract new ones. Chinese netizens love campaigns and promotions.

There are two major types of campaigns on Weibo: System Campaigns and Creative Campaigns.

 I. System Campaigns:

These campaigns use Weibo’s system with formats and rules developed by the Weibo team. There are 5 major formats of system campaign for you to choose from:

1. Lucky Roulette Campaign: This uses an instant lottery format with a variety of prizes.

2. Flash Sales Campaign: It’s similar to the Lucky Roulette Campaign but better suited to e-businesses or O2O marketing.

3. Repost Campaign: This type of campaign encourages audience members to repost by giving prizes to selected reposters. It has a reputation for achieving the best marketing results.

4. Content Collection Campaign: This encourages the audience to post original content by means of prize incentives. The winners can choose the prizes.

5. Free Trial Campaign: Brands choose participants to receive a free trial. This approach is best when launching a new product. Brands can also gather meaningful feedback if they ask participants to answers certain questions to enter the draw.

II. Creative Campaigns

You can launch a creative campaign on your Weibo page and define your own scope and rules. A creative campaign is usually presented in the form of a post. There are no fixed rules regarding the participation method, prizes, number of winners and promotional channels. In addition, there are lots of ideas to make the campaign more fun and creative, such as creating a challenging quiz. An effective tactic is to run a campaign related to trending topics such as an upcoming holiday or other big event.

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