WeChat’s Major Features – Ashley Talks 12

Today I’ll talk about WeChat’s major features that include instant messaging, Moments, official accounts and WeChat payments.

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Instant Messaging【即时聊天】

The most basic function of WeChat is instant messaging. Users can send messages to friends and groups in the form of texts, meme images, voice messages and video calls. According to the WeChat annual user report, on average, WeChat users send out 74 messages daily and make 65 minutes of video calls every month.


Moments, called “Friends’ Circle” in Chinese, is the social networking function of WeChat. Users can update their status, share pictures and post links to websites, while their friends can like or comment. It’s a semi-closed platform as a user can only see likes and comments on friend’s posts which are made by common friends that they share.

Official Accounts【公众号】

Official Accounts are for enterprises, organisations, celebrities, governing bodies and media agencies/groups. Through their official WeChat accounts, they can promote their brands, connect with individual users and increase public awareness, brand recognition and customer loyalty free of charge.

After following an official account, users receive messages and articles as well as information about the brand. In their messaging interface, users can directly communicate with official accounts. This makes direct communication between brands and customers quick, easy and convenient.

WeChat Pay【微信支付】

WeChat Pay began as a C2C payment transaction facilitator. Each user has a personal WeChat wallet. After connecting their WeChat wallet to their debit cards, users can top up their wallets, withdraw money, send red packets and transfer money. Apart from peer-to- peer transfers, WeChat now enables users to pay their utility bills with their WeChat wallet. Payments are made by scanning QR codes provided by the online or offline merchandisers. This method of payment is quick and simple for customers and merchandisers and has revolutionised consumer interactions in China.

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