WeChat Service v.s. Subscription Accounts – Ashley Talks 23


In this video, I talk about the differences between WeChat service and subscription accounts. They are very different but not many people know what makes them different.

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Subscription accounts:

Subscription accounts are the most basic type of official account for communication and information sharing. Their main advantage is that they can push articles or messages once every 24 hours. They’re best for companies or media who want to push content more frequently and are the only option for individuals.

Subscription accounts are listed in the “Subscriptions” folder on a user’s homepage and users do not get a push notification when the subscription accounts publish new content. Instead, they check the “Subscriptions” folder to see the updates.

Service accounts:

Service accounts offer more advanced features for businesses and organizations such as customized menus and WeChat e-commerce. They also provide more APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) such as voice messages, GPS location services and QR code scanning for companies to build their own applications and facilitate interaction with customers.

Service accounts can only broadcast four pushes each month but users receive a push notification once the new content is published. All service accounts are displayed with a user’s personal contacts, not on the subscription page, thus providing greater visibility and a feeling of familiarity.

Account types can’t be changed once they’ve been registered. If you need to change to a different account type, you have to register again.

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