WeChat For Business – Ashley Talks 13


This video is about WeChat for business. In particular, it’s about WeChat functions that brands and businesses can use to build a database of Chinese consumers, communicate with them effectively and sell to them long-term.

So, how can brands leverage WeChat?

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WeChat allows companies and brands to establish direct contact with customers. It’s an effective tool for engaging with customers and offering customised services. Companies and brands need to understand these basic features of WeChat, and learn how to incorporate them into their marketing strategies.

Information and Content

Official accounts of companies and brands must create informative content, including product information, useful tips, updated brand news, recent discounts, etc. The content needs to be interesting and creative for users to share it and expose the brand to new potential customers.

Communication and Feedback

WeChat allows followers to directly communicate with brands and companies at any time, making WeChat the perfect platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Customers can share their feedback and opinions with brands immediately through WeChat messaging. Users feel valued and important when they can contact a brand representative directly rather than having to go through regular customer service channels or send an email.


To boost followers and shares, we recommend using incentives. When prizes are on offer, users are more likely to engage with your brand. Provide limited edition gifts or discounts – something that users can’t refuse. Customers will stay loyal to a brand that has more to offer than just content.

Offline to Online

QR codes are convenient for brands and companies who need to direct consumers to their official WeChat accounts. We strongly recommend including your QR code in your online and offline promotional materials as a quick reference for customers.

WeChat is regarded as one of the most powerful social media platforms in China for marketers. Brands can use it as a tool to expand their market reach, establish attentive customer service, launch effective marketing campaigns, enhance sales and more with a much lower budget than traditional approaches.

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