Major Types of WeChat Campaigns – Ashley Talks 45

This post is all about WeChat campaigns. In today’s #AshleyTalks you’ll learn about 4 major types of campaigns on WeChat, such as Q&A campaigns, sharing useful resources, tests & quizzes, as well as H5 campaigns.
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Launching WeChat campaigns is the most effective way to increase user engagement. Though WeChat itself doesn’t have a function to organize campaigns, brands can still launch them via push articles with incentives like discounts or giveaways.

Q&A Campaigns

The main objective of the Q&A approach is to encourage users to participate after each push article. In the article, a brand can discuss a general topic and allow the audience to express their opinions on it or ask them specific questions.

Most campaigns include prizes and the winner is chosen from the respondents. Incentives should be attractive and inviting to the audience and connected with the brand.

Articles Providing Useful Resources

On WeChat, users are constantly looking for useful information and resources such as interview techniques, movie databases, etc. In exchange for certain resources or benefits, users need to follow your official account and share designated WeChat articles to their Moments page. In this way, sharing useful and relevant resources can be used to attract followers.

Useful resources can be a tool kit, learning materials, whitepapers, reports, etc. You can write a WeChat article about the valuable resources the account offers and inform readers about the material you’re offering. The key is that users cannot get the content unless they follow your official account and send you a screenshot of the article on their Moments page.

Tests and Quizzes

Another popular interactive format is tests and quizzes. The account can include them in a WeChat article.

In WeChat, there’s no function that allows people to click on selected answers within the article. As a result, the traditional approach is to use simple, understandable, numbered questions in a multiple choice format. Users can check their answers against a key at the bottom of the article or can share their answers in the comments or a direct message. We recommend integrating your products and their features into the test questions or results. And remember they don’t need to be factual. For example, you can have a quiz to find out which colour suits the reader’s personality best and then redirect them to a page showing your new product in this colour.

H5 Pages

H5 pages, short for HTML5 pages, have become the most used WeChat campaign tool in recent years. Many brands have integrated H5 pages into their WeChat articles to create campaigns.

It allows brands to maximize visuals and interactivity to attract users. Successful H5 campaigns can spread virally on WeChat and achieve 100,000+ page views.

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