WeChat Automatic Messages – Ashley Talks 29


Hi Guys ! In this video I talk about the 3 types of automatic messages you can send in WeChat and how you can set them up.

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WeChat administrators can create automatic messages such as welcome messages, auto-replies and keyword auto-replies with settings located in the Management Centre. Auto messages can include text, images, voice messages and video. Followers receive auto messages when their actions match pre-set conditions.

1. A Welcome Message【被添加自动回复】
A welcome message is automatically sent from an official account after users follow the account. It can be a text message, picture, voice message or video.

2. Auto-reply Messages【消息自动回复】
Auto-reply messages appear when a follower sends you a message. They can be text messages, pictures, voice messages or videos. Followers will only receive one auto-reply message per hour.

3. Keyword Auto-replies【关键词自动回复】
Keyword auto-replies are a more sophisticated automatic reply function. A designated reply will appear only when followers send a message that contains certain keywords. The rules can be pre-set by the account administrator. Followers receive auto-replies for each message that fits the rules.

This function benefits followers and account administrators. Goal- oriented followers can receive only the messages that they want and filter irrelevant ones. For account administrators, they no longer have to deal with every inquiry message from their followers.

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