WeChat Article Multimedia – Ashley Talks 44

Today I’m talking about WeChat article multimedia. In other words, what can be included in your WeChat articles besides plain text. There are many options, like pictures, GIFs, videos, music, audio and polls. In today’s #AshleyTalks you’ll learn how to capture your audience’s interest with multimedia.
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Visual elements should be featured in WeChat articles. Long pieces without any images or videos can be tedious. Articles are more memorable if they make readers laugh so include fun GIFs, memes or audio. Another way to engage users is with polls.

When you draft a WeChat article, there’s a multimedia control panel on the right side where you can select and add different kinds of multimedia. The buttons from top to bottom are as follows: images, videos, music, audio, and polls.


Article images are displayed at a width of 400 pixels, but a higher resolution is recommended. These images can be in JPG, PNG or GIF format.

If you want to create a unique article layout, you can arrange the content (combining text and images) in the format of a “long image (长图)”. An animated GIF can make an article look more lively and appealing.


In addition to text and images, users can also insert videos into a WeChat article to increase content diversity. To encourage people to watch the whole video, keep it short and simple. A video caption also helps so that users know what the video is about.

You can attach a video to an article by either uploading the video to WeChat Multimedia (for videos under 20 MB) or inserting the video URL. WeChat only supports video from Tencent Video, therefore, if you have videos larger than 20 MB, you have to first upload it to Tencent Video via http://v.qq.com/u/upload.html, then copy the URL link to WeChat.

Any new videos uploaded to the WeChat server are subject to their transcoding and verification process, which usually takes between half an hour to a few hours depending on the size of the video. If you’ve planned a specific time to publish your article, you should reserve enough time for video transcoding and verification before you publish.

Music / Audio

Users can also insert music or audio in a WeChat article. Music is provided by QQ Music. After users click on “Music” from the multimedia options, they can search for the title of the song or artist they’re looking for and select from the list.


WeChat articles also have a poll option. Users can launch a poll that will be added at the bottom of the article. In order to create a poll, users need to name the poll (for internal reference, not shown to the audience), specify the duration and add questions with answer choices. Each answer option can have one 300×300 pixel picture under 1MB in size.

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