WeChat Advertising – Ashley Talks 46

This post is all about WeChat Advertising. In today’s #AshleyTalks you’ll learn about the major types of advertising on WeChat, such as WeChat Moment ads and WeChat account ads.
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WeChat tries to incorporate advertising into a user’s regular user experience. Therefore, since the two most popular activities on WeChat are reading articles and browsing Moments pages, WeChat offers two advertising options for brands:

  • Moments ads
  • Account ads

The major difference between the two options is their display location. The former is shown on the WeChat Moments page while the latter is shown at the end of a WeChat article. Both advertising options come with various display formats in order to meet specific advertising needs.

Brands with verified official accounts in specific industries can apply to become a WeChat advertiser.

Moments Advertising

The Moments page, which is similar to Facebook’s newsfeed, is one of the most popular features on WeChat. Users can share pictures, articles, content from other platforms and external links with their WeChat friends, who in turn are able to interact with the posts by liking them or commenting.

Moments ads are displayed on every user’s WeChat Moments page. The ad itself looks like a normal Moments post but with an additional “Promotion” tag in the upper right corner.

Account Advertising

On WeChat, both individual users and brands/organizations can register official accounts in order to interact with subscribers, publish articles, send messages, provide customer service and advertising.

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