Selling on WeChat – Ashley Talks 19

In this video I talk about ways to sell through WeChat, including WeChat stores, promotional posts, advertising, KOLs as well as sales through groups and Moments.

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In addition to its new role as a sales platform, WeChat provides a platform for brands to get direct feedback from customers. This is especially useful for foreign companies who want to test the Chinese market before further investment. The first step is to know how to sell on WeChat. Here are four ways to do sales.

1 Promotional posts
The easiest and most common way to sell on WeChat is to publish promotional information on your official account in the form of articles or short messages, including product information, reviews and promotional campaigns. Among them, launching promotional campaigns is also a common and effective way to grow subscribers.

2 WeChat advertising
The next thing you can consider in order to help you sell on WeChat is using display ads. There are two major options for direct advertising on WeChat: Moments ads and Account ads.

A. Moments ads
Moments is the most popular feature on WeChat. It’s like a cross between a user’s timeline and newsfeed on Facebook. This is where users can update their status by sharing photos, short videos and articles with their relatives and friends. They can also like or comment on others’ posts at the same time. Brands can pay for Moments ads that appear on targeted users’ pages.

B. Account ads
Alternatively, account ads appear as a banner ad at the bottom of a WeChat article. When users finish reading a WeChat article, they will see the advertisement. They are also commonly seen on WeChat.

For example,, China’s leading e-commerce site, has put account ads on WeChat. When users click the ads, they’re directed to JD’s online store.

3 Open an online store and link it to your official account
Another popular way to sell on WeChat is to create an online store where users can directly view and buy your products.

After brands create their online store on their official account (WeChat Store, 微信小店) or on other e-commerce platforms like Wei-Store (微店), they can link it to their official account in the menu bar. If a consumer chooses to buy a product in the online store, they can click the menu bar linked to the external online store. In this way, customers can finish the whole purchasing process within WeChat, so a higher conversion rate can be expected.

Many brands, such as Xiaomi, Haier and Sephora, have already built their online stores and have them linked to their official WeChat accounts.

4 Strategic partnerships
Maybe you’ve already found out that some e-commerce, transportation, hospitality and tourism brands are featured in WeChat Wallet. It’s because these service providers all hold shares of Tencent’s stock. This kind of partnership with WeChat can bring much more traffic and stimulate streamlined payments.

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