Episode 9: The art of public speaking: How to be a good storyteller – Fredrik Haren

Want to become a global speaker?

In Episode 9, Fredrik Haren and Ashley will talk about the art of public speaking. Fredrik is an author and keynote speaker on business creativity, change and global business. Check it out if you want to know more about the concept of “Inner Theme” and how to be a good storyteller.

Podcast highlights:

T12:50 “Humanity to the power of ideas” – Fredrik’s “Inner Theme” which means believing in the potential of humanity and the power of ideas. If everyone reaches his maximum potential and learns to share it, the world will be a better place

T24:45 What was the eye-opening and life-changing thing that Fredrik came across? Open up your brain to all ideas of doing something out there and select the best way instead of basing it on what you think historically, where you were born or what your passport is

T42:30 “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master”. How can you be good at professional speaking? You need to speak from your heart and know your “Inner Theme”