Episode 8: Why China is the best place for women to start a business – Virginia Tan

Want to know more about female entrepreneurship in China?

In Episode 8, Virginia Tan, the co-founder and president of Lean In China, and Ashley will talk about female entrepreneurship in China and how it’s different from the West. Check it out to learn more about how the business community is empowering Chinese women.

Podcast highlights:
T06:00 Why are there so many successful female entrepreneurs in China? China is one of the best places in the world for a woman to start her own business. We’ll look at the reasons why.

T13:50 In China, a lot more women are involved in technology-related industries than in the West. Why is that? We also look at Chinese pragmatism and their tendency to be early adopters of technology.

T23:40 How can men support women in the workplace? This is never an easy subject as many men get scared off by gender politics but the participation of men is key in promoting gender equality.