Episode 20: How to be a successful angel investor in Asia – Benjamin Joffe

Benjamin Joffe is an angel investor to dozens of startups. He’s lived in Asia since 2000 and seen the huge tech changes in Japan, Korea and China. Benjamin is also a guest writer for Forbes, TechCrunch, Tech in Asia and many others. Check out more in the podcast!

Podcast highlights:
T11:15 If you look around Asia, what’s the most exciting market you see going forward? — Just because of it’s scale, China is the place.

T32:15 How do you choose the right companies to work with? — We tend to look for very classic things. Does the startup have the right team? Do they have the skills to build with? Are they coachable? What’s their market potential? What’s their technology potential? Then we look at their prototype. This tells us a lot about whether the team is capable.

T54:13 For people listening who might be going through their own dark hour of doubt, what advice can you offer them? — Keep your eyes open. Try to stay engaged and apply yourself. Don’t just get interested in something and not do anything.