Episode 14: Running a socially responsible business: Vision care for under-resourced rural Chinese students – Sam Waldo

In Episode 14, Ashley interviewed Sam Waldo, co-founder And CEO of Mantra, an eyewear brand whose mission is to provide vision care for under-resourced rural Chinese students. Sam helped establish and grow Education In Sight, a non-profit organisation which to date has conducted over 170,000 free eye screenings and donated over 23,000 pairs of glasses to Chinese students in need.

Podcast Highlights
T00:51 What’s your story? Why China? I studied Chinese at university, so it was obvious China was the place to be.

T25:15 How would you define modern Chinese consumers? Young Chinese consumers are slowly moving in a more socially-conscious direction. Environmental awareness, health, and a desire for a cleaner, more simplistic lifestyle are completely brand new in China.

T39:30 What has been your experience as a foreigner doing business in China? As a foreigner you have a ceiling. But at the same time Chinese people trust our motives more because we are foreigners.