Episode 13: The power of women: A chat with one of the top 100 women achievers in India – Nabomita Mazumdar

The guest of Episode 13 is an outstanding Indian lady Nabomita Mazumdar. Nabomita was named to the “100 Women Achievers in India” list. She’ll share how she found her passion and became one of the most prominent voices for the empowerment of women and children in India.

Podcast highlights:
T09:36 Where do you find energy for your passion? Everyone needs something that can keep her awake at 2:00am.

T14:48 Why do so many women have a complicated relationship to money in business? It’s ironic because so many women have experience as homemakers and family budgeters, but for some reason, when women become product-makers or entrepreneurs they become shy about money.

T31:28 What is the future for workers who in a very short time may lose their jobs and livelihoods as a result of automation and technological change? Robots are inevitable. Some human workers are not yet ready to take on more specialized tasks. We need to change this.