Episode 12: Women in tech with an award-winning Snapchat channel founder – String Nguyen

One of the “Top Voices” on LinkedIn, String Nguyen, is joining Episode 12. She created the first B2B video channel on LinkedIn and was a producer for the award-winning Snapchat channel “Women In Tech”. She’ll talk about video production for social media and share how she grew her follower base from 900 to 20k in 8 months. Get expert tips in the podcast.

Podcast highlights:
T01:00 Starting out on Meerkat, how did String Nguyen create content, build a community and eventually get 20,000 followers on LinkedIn?

T13:10 Growing your LinkedIn followers to 20,000+. There’s a limit of 30,000 for LinkedIn followers. How did she get around it? How does she win the LinkedIn “Top Voice” award? It’s all about community and growth.

T44:30 Why did String delete her SnapChat? What’s the problem with SnapChat for content creators? How does the ROI of SnapChat compare with LinkedIn?