Episode 10: Edgy conversations: “Be. Do. Have.” as a template for successful people – Dan Waldschmidt

The fantastic business strategist Dan Waldschmidt is on Episode 10 of the Ashley Talks podcast. He’s an international bestselling author, speaker and business coach who’s obsessed with success. The Wall Street Journal praised his blog as one of the most influential in sales and business. He’ll share his journey establishing his popular blog, which now has over 30 million readers, and share the 4 essential steps needed to build a successful business.

Podcast highlights:
T13:55 The four behaviors of high achievers – 1) use extreme behavior, 2) disciplined activity, 3) giving more value than you take and 4) being human

T35:25 How do you know you’re doing the right thing? – Staying grounded to core principles and “be, do, have” as a template for successful people.

T51:50 You don’t have to be reckless but you don’t have to play it safe.