Digital China Ep.40 with Will August – How to Create Great Videos for Douyin, Kuaishou & Bilibili


Video is the name of the [marketing+ e-commerce] game in China today. So, how do you create great videos for Douyin, Bilibili and Kuaishou? How to work with creators to get results? All these and more can be found in Ashley’s interview with Will August, China’s first Up主 (video KOL) with millions of followers. Will started his KOL career in 2015 and has a ton of experiences to share, both through his personal journey and the clients they serve.

When we take a closer look at the influencer economy, we can often see that the majority of the involved parties are benefitting. The platform is getting the advertising dollars, the KOL is getting paid, the consumer is getting the promoted products at a competitive discount, but not for the brand. Brands are essentially paying for everything. They have to pay for advertising to boost the post on the platform, offer discounted products and invest money to build up these influencer-machines where they will need to pay again to access. This is precisely the reason why more and more brands are already beginning to nurture their own brand KOLs. Will thinks each brand should have multiple brand KOLs across multiple linked official channels for optimal performance. He also sees that brands are becoming smarter about their KOL and promotion strategies as they are now more aware of what their best or worst-performing platforms or channels are. For instance, it is much easier to buy fake followers on Weibo, but a lot more difficult for strict platforms such as Bilibili. Generally speaking, the stricter the platform is to fake followers, the more reliable the statistics would be.

Listen to Will share more insights on working on video platforms such as Douyin, RED, Bilibili. You can also check out our marketing guides – Douyin marketing guide, RED marketing guide, or read more about our services on KOL marketing campaigns.