Digital China Ep.37 with Lu Gang – Rise of Chinese Technology: 5G, Ecommerce, Mobility, Blockchain


It is interesting to see how much China has evolved in the past 20 years. While some of the tech companies in China started off somewhat as copycats and came up with local versions of Facebook and Twitter, we also see lots of innovations and adaptations to the local market. Many tech companies that started as copycats became super successful in China after considering and responding to local market needs. Around 2012-2013, there have been rapid developments in the mobile internet. China was ahead of the global market in the adoption scale of 4G and the digital scene is further propelled by digital ecosystems provided by tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba. The China internet market took off from there.

Lu also pointed out the difference in technology adoption is not so much technology-related, but rather psychology-related. There are significant distinctions in the mentality between Chinese netizens and users from other parts of the world. Western internet users are more aware of issues such as data privacy than Chinese internet users. Oftentimes, western companies need to consider and work out ways to protect data before considering the applications of technologies. Chinese tech companies on the other hand are not as bounded by these concerns and can prioritise the practicality and application of technologies.

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