Digital China ep 35

Digital China Ep.35 with Mason Ku – Men’s Skincare Market in China in 2020


Male beauty and skincare is one of China’s fastest-growing consumer product segments in 2020. It’s expected to reach over US$166 billion by 2022.

Tmall even calls these few years the “Male Beauty Era” in China. The total number of Chinese men who are buying personal-care products is growing faster than that of women.

This growth can be attributed to – the growing purchasing power in China – shifting the traditional mentality – Covid19 and its impact on the values (health, family, me) – a wider variety of products – rise of popular male skincare bloggers – development of livestreaming and e-commerce – development of social media and targeted ads.

Although their skincare routine is getting more sophisticated, males’ knowledge and awareness of beauty products are still lacking. Hence, their purchasing behaviour highly revolves around the perception that the most expensive products are typically the best.

This puts luxury and expensive brands in a prime position to target male beauty, especially organic and natural brands that carry premium-priced collections. See Mason Ku from Alarice and ChoZan talk about the male skincare market in this podcast episode and read more about Chinese social media marketing here.