Digital China Ep.30 with Lu Fan – TOUTIAO. How to Do Marketing on Toutiao in 2020

Toutiao is an information and news aggregating platform as well as a search engine. Users can search for content they are interested in and subscribe to their favorite channels. It can also analyze a user’s interests based on the past search enquiries and make personalized recommendations. Up to June 2019, the monthly active users and daily active users on Toutiao is 260 million and 120 million, respectively. Over 70% of users are aged 19-35. Male users are 10% around more than female users. It shows that in 2019, users posted 450 million posts on Toutiao with 9 billion likes for content creation. Meanwhile, paid content on Toutiao has become a habit. Among them, commercial finance, workplace skills, parent-child education, health sciences, and Chinese history have become the top five types of column content that have been purchased the most. Learn how to do marketing on Toutiao in this episode of Digital China with Jacqueline Chan from Alarice and ChoZan.