Digital China Ep.25 with Lu Fan – ZHIHU. How to Do Marketing on Zhihu in 2020

Zhihu is a Chinese-language Q&A platform where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by the community of its users. It is China’s largest Q&A platform with over 1 million registered users. Unlike other social networking platforms, Zhihu is committed to building a high-end Q&A and knowledge platform which enable it to attract a user base with better education backgrounds. Through the professional Q&A format, brands can convey a more convincing message to audiences which help them to understand brands better. Therefore, this platform attracts various industries, including high-end brands like Samsonite and BMW, to establish official accounts on Zhihu. Learn how to do marketing on Zhihu in this episode of Digital China with Lu Fan from Alarice and ChoZan.