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China market mentorship

Ashley does paid mentorships of two kinds. The other is specifically focused on China and helping people understand the China market and China’s social media, marketing and consumers.

Who is it for?

This is for business leaders that need orientation, expert advice and solutions fast in a phone call or videoconference. They can quickly and deeply increase their understanding of the ever-evolving China market, Chinese consumers, digital marketing, Chinese social media, China’s online influencers, how New Retail is playing out and other issues. Expert calls are also useful when you want to run your plan or assumptions by a professional or align your team around an idea or a direction.

What will you get?

We’ll schedule a 30-90 minute phone call or videoconference with Ashley or her team members who will address your specific issues and questions in detail. You get Ashley’s or her team’s full attention for the duration of consultation. After each call you get out draft notes with answers to your questions. We also allow video recording, so you can share the video with the team members that couldn’t be on the call or in the room.

How does a China-focused  expert call work?

Schedule a consultation with Ashley or her team. Prepare 5-10 questions in advance and send them to us. The team will make sure we have the most up-to-date, verified information and do any necessary research. During the call, Ashley or her team walk you through their findings and answer any related concerns.


Ashley is a very open person, with awesome personal skills and huge knowledge of the Chinese market. Entrepreneurship and pro-activity are her second names.

Kamil Zarebski, Inna Kultura Biznes

Ashley is an amazing person who brought positive energy and knowledge. I strongly recommend her. She’s a real expert in her field.

Red Akrim, Cloudswave

Ashley doesn’t only create content that’s incredibly interesting and valuable, but also shares her inspiration and spreads knowledge of the fast-changing, growing economy that Westerners need to adapt to when expanding into China.

Jia Song, China Enterprise Business Center

Do you do long-term
China-focused business

Yes. I mentor businesses on the best way to set up and activate their plans in China. While many such projects start with an expert call, it often progresses into a series of calls that tackle various aspects of a company’s operations, different departments and teams. I have also served on consultant advisory boards for major brands and tech companies dealing with expansion in the mainland China market. A series of expert calls is primarily for larger organisations that have several blind spots and strategic decisions to tackle.

Do you travel forconsultations?

I usually conduct expert calls online, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

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