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Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Mentorship

Ashley does paid mentorships of two kinds. One is focussed on business leaders and entrepreneurs looking for guidance on business growth and development.

Who is it for?

For entrepreneurs who want to propel their business, leadership, and marketing forward, this mentorship is done in the form of results-driven coaching. It’s about success psychology, leadership and marketing insights that lead to breakthroughs.

It’s best for entrepreneurs and business leaders experiencing a growth surge or expansion, a big funding round or having just landed their biggest client. It’s for those who need to adjust their vision for their company, their role or their aims to help them work on their psychology and enable greater success.

Each mentorship program is fully tailored to make sure you get results fast.

What will you get?

The program is 6 to 12 months long with monthly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. You’ll get access to Ashley herself, her materials and network. Each program is tailored and will be determined during the pre-launch assessment session.

How does it work?

This program is highly selective and is only available to 10 entrepreneurs and businesses per year. To ensure that there is a connection and an aligned mindset enabling the achievement of the clear outcomes we’re aiming for, Ashley handpicks her mentees.

Step 1: Indicate your interest and have a short interview with Ashley’s team.
Step 2: A call with Ashley is set up for a pre-mentorship assessment chat. If all is good, we move ahead with the program.
Step 3: Attend scheduled sessions, get the work done and make some decisive progress.


Ashley is a very open person, with awesome personal skills and huge knowledge of the Chinese market. Entrepreneurship and pro-activity are her second names.

Kamil Zarebski, Inna Kultura Biznes

Ashley is an amazing person who brought positive energy and knowledge. I strongly recommend her. She’s a real expert in her field.

Red Akrim, Cloudswave

Ashley doesn’t only create content that’s incredibly interesting and valuable, but also shares her inspiration and spreads knowledge of the fast-changing, growing economy that Westerners need to adapt to when expanding into China.

Jia Song, China Enterprise Business Center


1. What are you looking for in a mentee?

I’m looking for people who are committed to change, experimentation and collaboration. You need to have a strong work ethic, be motivated, ready to change things up and also be willing to do some serious internal reflection. This is going to require self-examination and work on your psychology and mindset. I’m not interested in fixing superficial things or doing makeovers. I’m fueled by true transformation. You will see the work you’re doing as a personal and business investment.

2. What approach do you use? What’s your method?

I tailor my approach to each individual mentee but, as in my response above, my approach is to focus on real solutions for your business while also identifying and breaking internal barriers that are holding you back.

For expert calls, we do deep research to not only answer your questions in a thorough manner but to also uncover unexpected insights that can mean all the difference.

3. How painful is this going to be?

I come at everything with my singular energy, positivity and drive. We’ll start from where you are and build from there. We’ll be keeping things as light and as fun as possible as we negotiate the challenges ahead. You don’t need to worry about being bored.

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