Interacting with Your WeChat Followers – Ashley Talks 38

Today we talk about communicating with your followers on WeChat through your official WeChat account.

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Followers of an official WeChat account can ask questions, leave comments and make suggestions. By interacting with the audience, you can build a rapport and get valuable feedback.

WeChat users prefer to chat with brands via social media accounts rather than sending emails since it’s more efficient and private. This essentially makes WeChat a CRM system, whereby brands can collect feedback directly from followers.

On WeChat, followers can send private messages and comment under push articles.

1. Private Messages

On the broadcast message page, followers can send private messages in the form of a text, a voice message or images to social accounts. It’s similar to a “Live Chat” function whereby the sender is notified immediately when the official account replies.

The account administrator can check messages and reply to the senders using the “Message Management 消 息 管 理 ” page. Messages can only be replied to within 48 hours. After that, the reply function is inactive and messages can only be retained for a short period of time on the management page.

2. Comments Under Push Articles

In addition to liking and sharing, users can leave comments under your WeChat articles.

The comment function is only open to original account articles. All the comments can be reviewed on your “Account Management Page 留 言 管 理 ”, but they aren’t displayed under the article publicly unless you select them to be featured by clicking “Move to Featured Comments 移入精选 ”.

If the administrator replies to a comment, it becomes a featured comment automatically. Replies are displayed under the comment and can be seen by everyone. Choose interesting comments to respond to in order to let followers feel appreciated and keep the conversational tone high. This will inspire them to leave more comments on future articles. In this way, official accounts control the communication that’s shown to the public.

3. Interactive Style and Language

Based on your brand image, you’ll target certain audience groups. Your style of interaction establishes and reinforces your brand image. For instance, if you’re managing a WeChat account for a cosmetic brand, you need to adapt your style to one that women will relate to. Discussing the latest mascara or eyeshadow will trigger discussion among those who are interested in cosmetics. It’s also necessary to keep the interactive style consistent with your account positioning based on your products / service or your brand image.

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