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For many brands, Weibo is an effective tool for customer relationship management (CRM). Interacting with your followers and maintaining a good relationship with them is crucial as this builds a positive brand image for your company which, in turn, gives you more exposure. In this video I talk about ways to interact with your Weibo fans and followers.

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1. Setting up a custom welcome message

After users follow an official Weibo account, they will receive a private auto welcome message from the account. It’s important to set your hello message early on – ideally after the account is set up. If you choose not to edit the hello message, it will be the default “Thank you for following our account”.

2. Answering fan comments and messages

If followers send you a message, it’s crucial to respond promptly. Most Chinese consumers like to contact a brand via Weibo or WeChat as it is more convenient. If you keep them in suspense, followers will get impatient and become dissatisfied with your service. Unless your brand is so popular that you receive thousands of comments under each post, you need to regularly reply to their comments.

3. Reposting fan posts

Some users may post testimonials about a brand or its products on Weibo. If someone tags your account in a post, you’ll receive a notification from the system. Whenever this happens, particularly in your first year on Weibo, we suggest you comment on your follower’s tweet and repost it to your account.

4. Interacting with potential followers

On Weibo, you can easily find other official accounts in your industry. For example, for Astana Expo-2017, related accounts could be about Kazakhstan, the news or learning Russian. By following related accounts, you will be exposed to potential followers. Also, you can check these accounts regularly to see whether any of their posts are worth engagement. If something stands out, create a post to trigger discussion.

You may also reply to a user or repost their comment. The aim here is to share your expert opinion to entice the customer. However, we do advise that you not comment in this way on a competitor’s account as this could a reflect poorly on your brand image.

As an official Weibo account you can also like and comment under your own posts. If there is an intense discussion and you have valuable comments, this will attract others and could get you a few dozen fans.

If you’re active in the Weibo community, some bloggers or popular personal accounts might start following and reposting from you. Interacting with potential followers is a great way to declare your presence on Weibo, attract potential followers and promote the account.

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