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Today I talk about four major ways to find Chinese KOLs, including using search engines on social media platforms, KOL search engines, KOL agencies and marketing agencies.
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WeChat doesn’t have a specific search engine for KOLs. Two of the most popular ways to find KOLs are through KOL agencies and KOL search engines.

KOL Agencies

There are three major KOL agencies in China: Louis Communication, Gu Shan Wen Hua, and Ya Xian Advertising. In addition to these, there are also many companies that manage KOL databases. Users can select KOLs by industry or interest category and promotion budget. They can also check their follower numbers and get quotes.

KOL Search Engines

Besides contacting KOL agencies, users can also search for KOL information via online databases specializing in WeChat official accounts and content, such as the Sougou Search Engine for WeChat, Robin8, simplyKOL and

With the help of these databases, users can easily get the latest data on the number of followers, total article views and other important statistics. Sometimes the price range of these KOLs is revealed too. On one hand, users can choose the most suitable KOL by comparing the statistics with your selection criteria. You can also get a clearer idea of how competing brands are cooperating with KOLs.

These online databases are like normal search engines. Users can type keywords in the search box and expect a long list of results. Filters are provided to help further narrow the search. When you click on an account, detailed statistics are shown. Other related accounts are recommended and some online databases even allow you to contact KOLs directly.

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