How Can Followers Find You on WeChat? – Ashley Talks 34


Today I’m talking about the ways your new fans can find and follow you on WeChat.

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So what are the most common ways users find and follow official accounts?

1 Searching with keywords or official account names

Users click to add a new contact followed by clicking the button for official accounts. They then type the name of your company, your account name or keywords associated with your brand. When your official account appears, they then click to follow your official account.

2 Scanning QR codes

Users can scan your QR code with their WeChat QR code scanner. The scanner is located in the Discover menu. Users click on it and can then scan your QR code from your marketing  materials, business cards etc. Once the account appears, users then click to follow the account.

3 Clicking on a push article from your account

If users click on the top of a push article, they’re taken to a page which asks them is they’d like to follow the account.

4 Clicking on a call to action at the bottom of a WeChat article

Adding a call to action at the bottom of an article with QR codes clearly shown makes it easy for fans to find and follow your account with a simple click or a scan.

5 After a purchase

After users complete a purchase transaction with your brand, they can find and follow your account.

6 Using the WeChat account information on your business card


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