Evaluating Your KOL Promotion – Ashley Talks 54

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Today you’ll learn about evaluating your KOL promotion, through post views, likes, comments, follower growth, shares and the number of hyperlink clicks. To make sure your next KOL promotion is successful, here’s a checklist for you to refer to.
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WeChat KOL promotion can be evaluated in terms of the following parameters:

  • Post views
  • Likes
  • Comments (if the comment function is activated on the account)
  • Follower growth
  • Shares (data to be provided by the KOL)
  • Number of hyperlink clicks (data to be provided by the KOL)

Statistics of post views and likes are public and can be collected at the bottom of the WeChat article. The number of shares can be viewed through the KOL’s WeChat account management page/backstage centre. WeChat KOLs can provide an estimation of KPIs in terms of post views, but can’t guarantee other parameters.


For internal use, it’s common to use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to assess KOL promotions by looking at the post views, reposts, comments, likes and follower growth. But note that most Weibo KOLs will not commit to any preset KPIs. They will usually give you information about their audience and share statistics from previous promotions for your reference. If you have strict KPI expectations, please communicate these and agree on them with the blogger before paying for a promotion.

KOL Promotion Checklist

  • Make sure to clarify everything, including keywords, requirements, schedules, pictures, action items, KPIs, etc. prior to payment.
  • Be clear about the ratio of cash and in-kind sponsorship for KOL promotion.
  • Preview the editorial content before release so mistakes can be avoided for brand positioning.
  • Don’t give KOLs too many restrictions. If possible, allow them to promote in their own style.
  • Don’t insist on too much brand information in the content. Less than 25% is the best.
  • Don’t put all your KPI expectations on one KOL promotion. A one-time cooperation is more like a branding exercise than a sales operation.
  • Don’t choose KOLs just because they’re cheap. Choose the one that matches your brand.

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