Dealing with Negative Comments on WeChat – Ashley Talks 39

Today I talk about dealing with negative comments on WeChat.

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Official WeChat accounts may occasionally receive negative comments or complaints related to products or services. If a crisis happens, Chinese followers are likely to make direct complaints to the brand’s social media platform. WeChat is a more private platform than Weibo as people cannot view negative comments unless the brand account features them. However, legitimate complaints should be dealt with as promptly as possible to keep small issues from becoming big ones and to reinforce the trust of customers.

They key is to take action, provide a solution and make up for any mistakes that have been made. When a crisis does happen, publish a brief official statement instantly if necessary. You can then write an article to explain and clarify what has happened. By posting a push notification, followers will be notified sooner. Updating followers quickly and efficiently is the best way to make users feel cared for.

For example, on October 20th, 2014, WeChat experienced a temporary server failure due to a broken cable caused by construction in Shanghai. After that, WeChat service was interrupted for about two hours, which caused a lot of inconvenience to users and led to widespread complaints on the Internet.

The official WeChat team reacted promptly and published a series of self-mocking posts imagining what happened when important messages were not sent due to the WeChat failure. The posts received good feedback from WeChat users.

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