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ChoZan increases your expertise about the Chinese market, Chinese consumers, Chinese social media, KOL/influencer marketing and China’s technology landscape. Its wide array of educational and training services include:

Our Signature 2-day Training delivered in your city

ChoZan can increase your Chinese social media marketing expertise with tailor-made masterclasses delivered in major destinations worldwide that will put your team at the forefront. ChoZan’s signature 2-day China Digital Marketing Masterclass is a two-day training that will help you harness the power of digital tools and techniques and boost your Chinese social media skills. This training can fill in the gaps and bring all of your team members up to a consistent skill level.

How will you benefit?

  • Advance your career by getting better results in marketing for your organisation. When you’re properly informed and trained, you improve your company’s overall productivity level and save a bundle in costs that would have otherwise been spent on unsuccessful campaigns or outsourcing.
  • Build new skills and close the gaps in your knowledge of Chinese digital marketing. It can make all the difference between success and failure in your personal business ventures in China. After these 2 days, you will be the China marketing expert and point person in your organization.
  • Create more options for yourself. Managers who know the ins and outs of successful marketing in China are absolutely essential to any business that wants to work internationally.


This course is fantastic! I would highly recommend it to anyone working in the market.

Anna Zhao, Norway China Business Hub

This training was extremely insightful for our team! As a renowned speaker in Asia, Ashley is an expert when it comes to introducing the Chinese landscape clearly and ensuring a smooth skills transfer for anyone who attends her training.

Albin Lix, Digital Business Lab

The masterclass was informative, immensely useful and relevant. Wow!

Mohamed Razil, Temasek

Custom corporate training delivered on-site

Top-notch, fully customized masterclasses for corporate clients with critical, relevant case studies delivered to your team with precision and energy. We’ll present you with cases that exemplify the realities of the China digital market and help ease your specific pain points. This can quickly put everyone on the same page. Let us know what you need and we’ll design the right course for you.

Expert Calls

Consultations are the fastest way to get your specific, urgent China marketing questions answered. Call us to quickly get insights that you can apply to your company’s specific areas of concern. You can swiftly upgrade your understanding of topics from consumer behaviours to social media marketing to the latest trends, such as New Retail. Speak with Ashley or her team if you’re under time pressure and need to get on the right track fast.

Online Course

ChoZan also has an 8-module masterclass that you can take online to get a practical handle on China’s market, its modern consumers and Chinese social media marketing and selling.

The China Marketing Circle

A private community on WhatsApp and WeChat for the latest insights, trends, strategies and case studies related to consumers and marketing in China, much of which can’t be easily found online or in English. Join the group and twice a week you’ll receive carefully chosen insights, reports, decks, articles and case studies along with analysis, short text bites, voice messages or short videos. It’s free for the first 15 days. You’re guaranteed to get tons of valuable insights but you can unsubscribe at any time.


Great masterclass, loaded with highly relevant examples and brilliantly delivered. A must for anybody that wants to market in mainland China.

Erwan Thomassain, Genesys

A great overview of digital media in China. Very insightful! I’ll start exploring the mentioned apps as soon as we are back. Ashley is very knowledgeable!

Estee Wu, Clarins

Deep dive into China’s digital economy and how the marketplace ticks. Lots of case studies, tips and tricks. Excellent on so many levels!

Neerja Sujanani, Plus Group



1. What does ChoZan mean?

It’s a romanized version of “chao zan” (超赞). “Chao” means to exceed or surpass and “zan” means “awesome”. “Zan” is also what social media likes are called. So it means “exceptionally awesome” or “excessive likes”. It also means that we go above and beyond just getting likes.

We like the word awesome. We have an awesome team, we do awesome work, we have awesome clients and we do our job to get them results that go far beyond standard KPIs. We also train others how they can do the same.

2. What’s the difference between Alarice and ChoZan?

Alarice is a digital marketing agency, where we craft strategies, execute them, manage brands’ social media, build communities, work with bloggers and launch campaigns.

ChoZan is focused on education and consulting about the China market, modern Chinese consumers, digital marketing and New Retail.

With Alarice you gain a professional digital marketing team for China.
With ChoZan you gain an experienced instructor and trusted advisor that can give you training, unbiased and effective advice, strategy plans and support.

3. Can my company set up an account on WeChat/Weibo without a China business license?

Here are the documents required for setting up a Weibo or WeChat account as a Hong Kong SAR-based or foreign company: your administrator’s ID card, your WeChat ID, 3 months of phone bills, your company’s local business registration certificate, the company’s bank account details, proof of address and a verification fee.

4. What free resources can I read to understand China better?

First, subscribe to Ashley’s LinkedIn feed. She shares tons of valuable China insights daily. You can also watch her videos on YouTube. We recommend you dive into the playlist for specific topics such as WeChat, New Retail and Chinese consumers. We can also recommend other great industry blogs like Walk the Chat, China Channel, 31TEN, ParkLu and more. You might also want to check out a couple of recent books on China, such as AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee, China’s Future by David Shambaugh, China’s Mobile Economy by Winston Ma, The End of Copycat China by Shaun Rein and The JD Story by Li Zhigang. All of Ashley’s books are really good, too. 🙂

5. Why do companies choose to work with you?

We know what we’re doing. The Chinese market is complex, expensive and different from the West. It’s not unusual to choose the wrong entry strategy, voice and representation and break your image in China. We help our clients craft the right strategy tailored to their needs. We then build, promote and protect their brand in China’s online space. We’ve been doing this for 9 years.

We don’t fake it. We protect our client not only with a tailored strategy but also by refusing the common practice of using bots or other fake solutions on social media. We deliver genuine results and are proud of it.

We teach brands and even other agencies how to do it right. We educate our clients about the market and social media in China. By working with us, they understand how the market works, what consumers want, how their competitors are operating, and where their rivals are succeeding or failing. Our clients can tap into our years of market expertise, learn from it and grow. Our goal is to make you a China expert, too, so we make it a point to explain, in plain and simple language, the most useful and penetrating perspectives on the modern Chinese market, its consumers and social media.

Some companies want to work directly with Ashley and get access to her expertise and energy to carry them through the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

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