Chinese Slogans and the Chinese Dream – Ashley Talks 25

In this video I talk about some Chinese political slogans of the past 40 years that were in fact national strategies. When entering and working in/with China, it’s crucial to understand what the current governing philosophy of the Chinese Communist Party is. We’re now living under Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream” slogan. This video will help you understand what it means and what it stands for.

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Featured slogans and quotes:

I. Deng Xiaoping:

1) Four modernizations : agriculture, industry, the military and science and technology
2) Reform and opening of the economy
3) Socialism with Chinese characteristics
4) To get rich is glorious

II. Jiang Zemin

1) The Three Represents– How does a communist society promote personal and societal gain? What does the CCP represent in China?
Economic development: It represents advanced social productive forces.
Cultural development: It represents the progressive course of China’s advanced culture.
Political consensus: It represents the fundamental interests of the majority.

III. Hu Jintao

1) Harmonious society – growing wealth and equality
2) Scientific development

IV. Xi Jinping

1) The Chinese Dream — National rejuvenation
i. Modernizing society while celebrating traditional culture at the same time
ii. China is aiming to be a responsible power in the global arena
iii. The Chinese Dream vs The American Dream — Collective gain vs individual gain
The state and the party as the core of the Chinese Dream guides and leads citizens toward national rejuvenation.

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