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This post is all about Chinese KOLs. In today’s #AshleyTalks you’ll learn about 4 major types of influencers on Chinese social media, such as KOLs, Wanghong, WeMedia, and celebrities.
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With the expansion of official WeChat accounts, the number of followers continues to grow, which, in turn, is increasing the influence and value of KOLs. Compared to traditional advertising, KOL promotion is often more efficient and less costly in terms of raising brand awareness, increasing public exposure and attracting followers. According to a new advertising law introduced in September 2016, KOLs have to state which content is promotional in nature.

Most WeChat KOLs have subscription accounts and can be found through the WeChat public platform. WeChat KOLs can be divided into 2 broad categories: individual accounts and agency-managed accounts.

Individual Accounts

Individual accounts are, exactly what their name suggests – accounts created and managed by individuals. Currently, WeChat does not provide verification services for individual accounts. Followers of these accounts have a greater sense of familiarity and rapport with the blogger who runs the account. These bloggers are seen as reliable and followers see them as an authority when they recommend brands.

Such bloggers also have stricter standards when selecting brands since they need to maintain their reputation and content quality. If a brand can cooperate with established bloggers, they can attract a sizeable number of potential customers and increase their current customer loyalty.

Agency-Managed Accounts

Agency accounts are managed by an agency or a company. Most of them are verified and their company information is shown on their profile page. Sometimes, there are several verified accounts under the same name. According to WeChat, a maximum of 50 official accounts can be verified under one company name. These accounts are generally open to advertising and are more likely to accept hard sell advertising approaches on behalf of brands.

If an agency has several official accounts, brands can consider advertising on more than one account. Usually, agencies offer discounts if brands choose more than one of their accounts to advertise on.

Usually, WeChat KOLs focuses on one topic or area of interest. Brands should select KOLs with content and a style that fits their products and industry best.

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