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This post is all about Chinese KOL promotions. You can cooperate with Chinese KOLs in many ways such as sponsored posts, product reviews, campaigns, live streaming and social selling.
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Sponsored posts

Sponsored articles are the most common and effective format. A brand can draft WeChat articles and ask KOLs to publish them in their own style and voice on their accounts. Sponsored articles can be used to promote brands, products, services, campaigns, etc.

Product reviews

WeChat KOLs can write a review of your products or services in order to increase brand awareness and build credibility.


Giveaway campaigns work well with KOLs. Brands can add a giveaway section at the end of a KOLs sponsored article to make it more engaging and shareable. The giveaway is usually in the format of a prize quiz whereby the audience needs to answer a question in the comments section.

Live streaming

Live streaming is extremely popular in China and KOLs regularly get large audiences for their live streams. You can ask KOLs to live stream from one of your showcase events or while using one of your products.

Social selling

Audiences, especially in sectors such as fashion, follow KOLs because they trust their taste and expertise, like their style and appreciate their recommendations. If the KOL can offer an exclusive opportunity to buy new, unique or desired products from a brand, it effectively drives sales and builds an audience for both the KOL and the brand.

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