How to Become a Professional Public Speaker (2018) – Ashley Talks Supercut Episode 6

How to Become a Professional Public Speaker (2018)

Looking to upgrade your public speaking skills and become a thought leader in your industry?

Public speaking is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs and business people so don’t hesitate to put yourself out there. Ashley has always loved getting on stage and her public speaking has been great for branding and establishing herself as a thought leader. You can do it too. You can share your knowledge, deliver value and connect with people through a well-prepared speech.

In this episode, you’ll get some great public speaking tips and Ashley interviews three awesome speakers: Anson J Bailey from KPMG, Carson Mckelvey from Tofugear Limited and Robert Stockdill from InsideRetail Asia. You’ll learn how to find an angle, how to juice up your speech and how to deliver what the audience is looking for.

Ashley also talks about how she gets herself ready to go on stage. How can you deal with stage fright? How can you overcome your fears and liming beliefs and be confident in front of a crowd? What are the best ways to engage and interact with the audience?

Watch Episode 6 to find out.

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