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Alarice is a Hong Kong-based international team of dedicated Chinese social media marketers, strategists, copywriters, designers, and project managers. With seven years of successful experience in this rapidly evolving field, it has established outstanding results for multinational corporations, start-ups, renowned names and smaller brands and its clients represent various industries, including tourism, hospitality, fashion, wine and spirits, beauty, education, automobiles and many others.


Alarice helps international companies make their mark on social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Zhihu and more. Its services for these firms include: China marketing strategy development, creative copywriting, social media account set up and optimization, community management, SMM content creation and seeding, campaign conceptualization and execution, KOL/influencer auditing, KOL/influencer campaigns, competitor analysis, brand positioning analysis and execution, audience targeting and more.

Social media in China does so much more than it does in the West. Platforms like WeChat are operating systems for life in China. Alarice can help you understand the needs of the local audience, build connections, boost sales and ensure sustainable brand development.

Just as it helps Western firms enter China’s digital space, it helps Chinese firms spearhead their marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our clients


Alarice helped us do comprehensive marketing research and create a strategy for China. The insights are extremely helpful and we are now ready to tackle China. Thanks Alarice team for the great work!

Kshitij Minglani, Mindvalley Quests

Ashley, you’re living the Disney brand! Thanks for the amazingly insightful, high-energy and entertaining strategy workshops!

John Sinke, Hong Kong Disneyland

The number of room nights booked by Chinese clients has DOUBLED since November 2018. This is a great result! Our SMM and PR activities in China, run by Alarice, have been the major fuel behind this success. Thank you, Alarice team!

Anna Bolotskaya, Metropol Hotel


1. How do you pronounce Alarice and what does it mean?

People have come up with some very creative interpretations. We’ve been called “a la RICE” like a French dish with rice on the side. Some say “a LA rice” like the name of that dish with emphasis. Some even say “ala RICCI”, like Nina Ricci. But the way we say it is ‘ala REES’

Alarice comes from the ancient name Alaric. Alaric I was the first king of the Visigoths who’s best remembered for sacking Rome. The feminine version of Alaric is Alarice, which means “noble ruler”. Our name carries those deeply rooted meanings. We want to challenge the status quo and rule nobly. 🙂

2. Who’s your team?

Our team is international. We’re marketing gurus with China experience and a global outlook. Most of our team members are from mainland China and the rest are from Hong Kong, Canada, Russia and the Philippines. Most have travelled internationally or lived and worked in other countries at one time or another.

We have data and strategy gurus that put together research and consumer insights. Our project managers know how to get results and get all the moving parts working together for the greater goal. We have phenomenal writers and editors who know how to tell compelling stories. We have in-house designers and videographers too.

3. Who will be in charge of my account?

For each account, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager (AM) who manages daily project execution.

4. Can my company set up an account on WeChat/Weibo without a China business license?

Here are the documents required for setting up a Weibo or WeChat account as a Hong Kong SAR-based or foreign company: your administrator’s ID card, your WeChat ID, 3 months of phone bills, your company’s local business registration certificate, the company’s bank account details, proof of address and a verification fee.

5. What free resources can I read to understand China better?

First, subscribe to Ashley’s LinkedIn feed. She shares tons of valuable China insights daily. You can also watch her videos on YouTube. We recommend you dive into the playlist for specific topics such as WeChat, New Retail and Chinese consumers. We can also recommend other great industry blogs like Walk the Chat, China Channel, 31TEN, ParkLu and more. You might also want to check out a couple of recent books on China, such as AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee, China’s Future by David Shambaugh, China’s Mobile Economy by Winston Ma, The End of Copycat China by Shaun Rein and The JD Story by Li Zhigang. All of Ashley’s books are really good, too. 🙂

6. Why do companies choose to work with you?

We know what we’re doing. The Chinese market is complex, expensive and different from the West. It’s not unusual to choose the wrong entry strategy, voice and representation and break your image in China. We help our clients craft the right strategy tailored to their needs. We then build, promote and protect their brand in China’s online space. We’ve been doing this for 9 years.

We don’t fake it. We protect our client not only with a tailored strategy but also by refusing the common practice of using bots or other fake solutions on social media. We deliver genuine results and are proud of it.

We teach brands and even other agencies how to do it right. We educate our clients about the market and social media in China. By working with us, they understand how the market works, what consumers want, how their competitors are operating, and where their rivals are succeeding or failing. Our clients can tap into our years of market expertise, learn from it and grow. Our goal is to make you a China expert, too, so we make it a point to explain, in plain and simple language, the most useful and penetrating perspectives on the modern Chinese market, its consumers and social media.

Some companies want to work directly with Ashley and get access to her expertise and energy to carry them through the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

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